About Us

How did all begin?

It all began when Our Secretary (Sri Ashok Kumar) was a student of Engineering at B.I.T Sindri. The Rotary Club used to hold eye-care camps amongst the tribal areas and also the under-served areas in the then South Bihar (today’s Jharkhand) in which he used to participate as a volunteer. The solace and satisfaction received in those forming years of his youth remained with him as a lingering quest deep inside owing to his involvement in worldly affairs and professional hazards.

However, back to the state when he got to see things here as being elected as the District Governor of the Lions Clubs International, (District 322E) in the year 2000, the quest surfaced up as a staggering realization. The realization was that despite being the neediest State in matters of Eye Care and Cataract owing to its glooming poverty, helplessness and malnutrition, where Cataract was on the surge to almost becoming an epidemic, there was not a single charitable institution or body that dealt diligently of eye-care in general and Cataract surgery in particular, even in our entry into the Twenty First Century!

He had witnessed numerous such developments even in the adjacent states of West Bengal and Orissa (Odisha) where poverty was comparable, he was further astonished to find even more efforts in the relatively affluent states of Gujarat and others. Back in the U.S, where He stayed for more than a year, the scenario was absolutely different with numerous efforts undertaken against preventable and curable blindness. Driven out for finding an answer to this utter imbalance where there isliterally no services and facilities for eye care in the areas where it really needed the most. He found his quest for establishing this organization through sheer effort and the faith of his friends and colleagues.

So he started a 10 bed Eye Hospital and with the countless effort now we are having 150+ Beds and successfully cured more than 1,75,000 patients with correctable Blindness.